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August 18, 2017
The Brooklyn Tuckshop

about_022015 brought an incredibly talented lineup of creative speakers from all over the world to Semi Permanent last weekend and a few of our designers were lucky enough to attend the event. They shared some of the inspiring knowledge they learned over the 2 day conference with the team.

Friday’s event was highlighted by the WXD Panel including Editor in Chief Scott Dadich from Wired Magazine; Graphic Designer and Partner at Pentagram, Natasha Jen and Architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of BIG.BIG_skislope_4 Natasha’s thought provoking talk resonated the most as she took us through her creative processes and included a few case studies with some extremely challenging obstacles and how she overcame these with persistence and calm.

The most fascinating speaker of the day was Denmark’s Bjarke Ingels, who took us through some of his most innovative and resource conscious projects while explaining the importance of play and playfulness in design. One of the projects he discussed was how he will resolve Copenhagen’s excess waste issue into a waste-energy powerplant and combine this structure with a 31, 000-square-metre ski slope that will trail down the roof, allowing it to double-up as a new visitor attraction.

Melbourne’s The Company You Keep and illustrator Beci Orpin were also among the stellar lineup on Friday and both delivered some very engaging discussions on how they find their inspiration.


It’s Throwback Sunday, and look what I’ve found! This is me and my terribly clever business partner on the night of our graduation, almost exactly twelve years ago. It wasn’t that long after this that we decided to bite the bullet and set up our own design studio. By ‘studio’, I mean small corner of Kass’s Surry Hills apartment, where we sat about 3 feet away from each other on our fancy, speedy Apple Emacs. I’m pretty sure neither of us even had a mobile phone back then – but we had a landline, and darling Kass would make me a cup of tea and give me a high five of encouragement after every 20 cold calls.

We have continued to work about 3 feet away from each other, until now. Last week, Kass packed up her house and piled her family into a (specially designed and styled within an inch of its life) caravan with a plan to explore this great south land from now till Christmas. She’s still working with us and her clients, but remotely – in the most remote, back-of-bourke sense of the word.

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