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February 11, 2016

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 2.13.09 PMGoogle bashing has become a daily story. Often the bashers enjoy pointing out the irony of the original mission statement of “don’t be evil. ” Google is also almost always mentioned in debates about what size organizations are the true incubators of innovation, the small hungry visionary organization or the well-funded and connected giant.

We are not interested in weighing in on these Google conversations today. Today, like most days, we are the happy benefactors of that early Google innovation that reaches us daily and as reliably as the rants about Google. Yes, the Google Doodle.

Today, some of us got to remember the art of a woman, once a nun, who expressed her involvement in the movements of her time in her art. More importantly, many learned of Corita Kent for the first time today. This is what makes the graphics, animations and information of the Google Doodle, much more than a lower case doodle.

IDB_HOME_Page_1 smallThese daily works are right up there with public television – free education and inspiration to learn more. After seeing the Corita Kent doodle, and a view of an image gallery, one can quickly learn that she was shoulder to shoulder with Warhol. He may have been first with the soup cans, but Kent’s style and messages were just as timely, but not as obscure. She meant to communicate. She used inverted type to arrest the viewer like the scrambled facial features of a Picasso. Once she had your attention her message was plain. Kent also used brands in her art in a way that was and remains timely. A piece called, “The Big G stands for Good[ness]”, is somewhere between a chide and challenge to General Foods to remember their own original mission and the responsibility of being big.

3D Studio Max CLUB interior locale New York Observatory
3D Studio Max CLUB interior locale New York Observatory
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