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March 26, 2017
PA Graphic Design Degree

4 Ways to Become a Graphic Designer

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A lot of aspiring graphic designers, especially those who decide they want to be designers after high school, ask the same question. What school should I choose? (Note: The following are merely opinons. Please consider your circumstances and options when choosing the institution for you.) Today we take a look at:

Choice #1: Four Year University or State College

The traditional route is majoring in graphic design or fine art at a 4-year university, art college or state college. This is usually a pretty safe bet in terms of getting a good education.

Photo of RISD campus

Examples: Universities and state colleges: Syracuse University, San Jose State University, University of Arizona. Top notch art colleges include the Rhode Island School of Design (pronounced "ris-dee"), Savannah College of Art and Design (aka "scad"), or Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Pros: Great balanced education, good networking, generally high standards. You'll have a portfolio in the end that should be good enough to apply for entry level jobs out of school. Of course, your talent has a lot to do with your success.

Cons: You must satisfy all the requirements and be admitted to a university. Depending on when you attend, these include having high school transcripts, a HS diploma or GED, and of course, the money to attend. In some cases, even if you are attending a university, you will need to be good enough to get into the graphic design program. Some programs have a limited amount of spaces for new students. You may have to compete quite a bit depending on which school you choose.

Costs: Costs vary greatly. You can get an idea by visiting the university's web site and taking a look at their tuition costs. A 4 year state college for a resident student can cost up to $5000 per semester, depending. If you're classified as out-of-state, expect to pay 2-4x more for tuition! Financial aid may also be available.

Serious about a career in graphic design?
Serious about a career in graphic design?
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A Day as a Graphic Designer
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What is Graphic Design?
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