Graphic Design Short courses Melbourne

June 11, 2016
Melbourne Campus

Our Direction.

Graphic design continues to be a growth area in the economy. The core skills of idea visualisation and problem solving are highly adaptable to the constantly changing landscapes of technology and consumer behaviour. It's these skills that allow design professionals to evolve and create new and exciting futures for themselves and for their clients. Our intention is to combine conscientious education with industry opportunities in an environment that supports your journey.

So what makes a good graphic designer? You enjoy solving problems and working in a team. You have good listening skills and can articulate your ideas clearly. You are good at being organised and enjoy responsibility. You are good at reading, writing and drawing and you love working on computers.

Our Facilities.

Melbourne Polytechnic boasts excellent facilities at our spectacular Fairfield campus. It is a thriving hub of creative industries with music, performance, illustration, photoimaging, and writing all happening on the same campus. All of our graphic design programs give you access to the latest Apple computers and Adobe software. You will have your own work station, desk and storage area over the duration of your study.

We believe it is important for you to have access to traditional studio spaces so we have dedicated drawing rooms and finishing areas to balance your digital training. Many study areas include excursions to local cultural events and places and we regularly have visiting speakers from industry come to share their experiences with you.

Our Teachers.

We are an intimate and small department with three core staff and a small host of industry specialists to augment your training. We are all intense and passionate educators who are excited about the way design skills are integrated into the lives of individuals. Our favourite thing is to see you leave – and start your professional careers.

Overview of Graphic Design | Elements
Overview of Graphic Design | Elements
University College Falmouth - BA (Hons) Graphic Design
University College Falmouth - BA (Hons) Graphic Design
AITE Graphic Pre-press
AITE Graphic Pre-press
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