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July 5, 2016
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Get the Skills to Be a Graphic Designer in 52 Weeks

Graphic Design careers

This intermediate graphic design training program provides the practical skills and industry support it takes to pursue a creative and rewarding graphic design career, with the flexibility and convenience of CD-ED’s Distance Learning format.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program are fully prepared for a wide range of interesting design positions, including:

  • Cartoonist
  • Graphic Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Layout Designer
  • Advertising Design Technician
  • Icon Designer
  • Digital Designer

Our graphic design courses will allow you to seek work in dozens of disciplines and companies, including advertising, freelance graphic design, brand identity, publication design, multimedia production, television, publishing houses, print services, government, & much more.

Many Graphic Designers choose to work freelance or open their own design companies.

Focused Training

This is career-focused education. You won’t spend time working through electives or irrelevant content designed to drag out the program and drive up costs. Your program is tailored around you and getting into a rewarding professional position, without spending a ton of time and money sitting in a classroom.

As a graduate of this program, you will have the skills to conceive and execute a range of design projects, both simple and complex. Courses include:

  • Computer Concepts & Basic Communication
  • Windows
  • Internet Basics
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Introduction to Design
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6
  • Adobe InDesign CS6
  • Colour Theory
  • Typography
  • Designing Brand Identity
  • Publication Design

You’ll also create a portfolio, full of professional-level work. You’ll feel confident entering the professional design field armed with a professional-level portfolio, ready to demonstrate your abilities to potential employers.

About Distance Education & Learning Online

CD-ED’s online graphic design program includes all the theory and practical training of traditional learning, without the set schedule, costly commute or rigid lesson plans of traditional learning.

But it’s not right for everyone.

Online Learning requires discipline and time management skills. We recommend students be able to devote 20 hours per week to their program.

Program Curriculum

20 hrs/wk, 52 Weeks, 1040 Hours

Weeks Hours Code Module Subject
1-3 60 COC 101 Communication & Computers
4-5 40 COC 102 Windows
6-7 COC 103 Discovering the Internet
8-13 120 GRA 101 Photoshop Creative Cloud
14-16 GRA 102 Introduction to Design
17-22 GRA 103 Illustrator Creative Cloud
23-28 GRA 104 InDesign Creative Cloud
29-32 80 GRA 105 Colour Theory
33-38 GRA 106 Typography
39-42 GRA 107 Designing Brand Identity
43-49 140 GRA 108 Publication Design
50-52 GRA 109 Directed Study: Portfolio Design

Online Services & Community Learning

As a CD-ED student, you have the freedom to set your own schedule – but you’re far from on your own. Our student website ensures that you’ll never feel alone, with access to course-wide discussions, live chats and a private messaging system that allow you to interact with as many (or as few!) fellow students as you wish. Plus, you have access to and continual interaction with your instructors.

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Mercedes Benz C Class Coupé design New York Auto Show 2011
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