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August 26, 2015
Noble Desktop - Adult

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of graphic design while designing and producing several real-world projects. This intensive class will meet for six sessions. You will be expected to work on design projects outside of class.


  1. Broaden your understanding of graphic design concepts and processes, both formal and conceptual
  2. Enhance your skill as a designer
  3. Understand the elements of design
  4. Learn how to speak about your work and how to incorporate and evaluate critiques
  5. Develop and expand your portfolio


  1. Logo Design
  2. Label Design for a Series
  3. Invitation Redesign
  4. Publication Design
  5. Boxing Poster
  6. Advertising Design

Assignments given in class will be critiqued during class both by the instructor and during group critiques. Students must incorporate these critiques into their work and either finish the assignment in class or as homework. At the end of the session it is expected that the students will have at least 6 finished assignments for their portfolio. The instructor is available throughout the 6 classes to give feedback and advice on all projects both during and outside class.

For this class students should have a solid working knowledge of InDesign. Throughout the course, the instructor will provide various handouts and reference materials. Source materials will be supplied by the instructor for in-class work.

About the Instructor

, formerly the Design Director of IridiumGroup, has more than 15 years of experience as a strategic designer at leading companies including Hearst Magazines, Segal Savad Design, M. Shanken Communications, Ziff Davis Media and SmartMoney Custom Solutions. After working for editorial, advertising, branding, corporate and generalist agencies in New York City and England he measures his time between teaching and professional practice. In 2012, he was a semifinalist for an Adobe Design Achievement international award for Innovation in Education. Maurizio has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a Master of Arts in Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University in England. As a self-titled reflective practitioner, he is constantly evaluating his conceptual and contextual process. He is also a former amateur boxer and an avid bread baker.

  • Boxing Poster by Matt Hageman
  • Package Design by Matt Hageman
  • Infographic by Danielle Sheppard
  • Magazine Cover by Jose Deodoro
  • Boxing Poster by Ela Prizmic
ʬ The New York Graphic Design Scene in the 1970s YouTube
ʬ The New York Graphic Design Scene in the 1970s YouTube
Mercedes Benz C Class Coupé design New York Auto Show 2011
Mercedes Benz C Class Coupé design New York Auto Show 2011
New York / Graphic Design / Second Place / BERNADETTE
New York / Graphic Design / Second Place / BERNADETTE ...
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